Genesis NFT Collection

Glitch Candies

Glitch Candies is a genesis project launched by Glitch NFT Studio on Stargaze. It is the first hand made generative collection of evolving sculptures created using sound synthesis and GLSL shaders minted on Cosmos ecosystem.

Noise shapes the colour, texture and sound. Each candy is unique and has utility beyond 4k resolution print-ready artwork and HD video.

Glitch Candies collections embrace the intricacies of code, error and seeks beauty in human interaction with blockchain technology. 


Glitch Candies: Synthesis

Glitch Candies: Synthesis is a genesis collection launching on Teritori Network we have partnered with. It is focused on the relationship between movement and light, frequency and colour, predictability, uncertainty and illusion. Each piece is a 2560 x 2560 still image generated using real time physical movements, custom made algorithms and software tools created by Glitch NFT Studio. The collection is opening audio visual journey, that the audience and collectors will be part of. Each piece also unlocks access to multiple digital items, realms, games and immersive experiences. Collaborating with the Teritori Network core team and Teritori DAO Glitch NFT Studio aims to enrich and widen the Teritori Ecosystem.

Each Glitch Candy from the Synthesis collection has 9 traits and each is based around basic 3D shapes such as cube, torus or sphere of varied rarities. Holders of multiple NFTs are going to receive an equal amount of AV edition pieces of 3 rarities. The AV works will be randomly distributed to the holders. The higher amount of Glitch Candies Synthesis held = higher probability of receiving rare AV candy and wearable used in the game. 

  • Supply: 420 1 of 1s
  • Mint Price: WL1: 1 Atom, WL2: 2 Atom, Public sale: 3 Atom
  • Art by Glitch NFT Studio, Artist: Koshi Mazaki
  • License: cc0
  • More info: on GNS Medium

Noise forms the structure, colour and shape.

Unique forms are captured and minted on Stargaze and Teritori Network as NFTs. Artworks from all Glitch Candies collections will be interoperable over IBC protocol across Cosmos ecosystem and Ethereum once bridges are in place.


Glitch Candies are based on simple geometric shapes that are being modified by noise and sound synthesis. They inform aesthetic choises of audio used.

Rarity Recall

Each piece can be recalled in custom made software via JSON file consisting its traits. This way each Genesis artwork will have its audiovisual sculpture companion of the same rarity and traits.


Eye candy colors are used in these works to accent beauty in noisy and glitchy forms or art.


Depth, colour and texture of Glitch Candies are affected by especially made GLSL shaders. These short pieces of code are inspired by FedFod`s work in this area.

Audio-visual Collection

Sound Design

Glitch Candies Genesis collection is a collection of images, however holder of each one of them will receive an airdrop of handmade generative audiovisual sculpture.

Audio created in these works was generated using hardware machines and modular synthesisers controlled by voltage. This approach provides flexibility and high quality of sound. Creation of hardware physical setups provide unique sound design and evolving compositions that were specifically designed for this project.

Glitch Candies Project


Glitch Candies are about abstract generative art and having fun with tech and blockchain. We are engaging collectors, NFT communities and are excited about metaverse and what it has to offer. Exploring Decentraland, creating events, audiovisual experiences and mini games we are linking communities via generative art.

Glitch Candies AV and Gen2 collection are all audiovisual hand sculpted pieces and rendered real-time like mini VJ sets. Both collections contain audio traits specifically composed for user interaction. Some match, some create generative ambient pieces some glitch out. Genesis and Synthesis collection are hand sculpted 4k resolution still images that bring access to metaverse experiences, wearables and NFT airdrops.

Our long term vision is to establish ourselves as a high quality NFT studio across multiple metaverse projects and ecosystems. Holders of our NFTs are taken for a journey and benefit along the way as we grow. To achieve our goal we have set up Glitch NFT Studio to support web3 projects and web2 brands entering this space. As the first step we are building scenes in Decentraland and launching NFT collections. Creating exciting experiences, games, artworks and events we are elevating brands and collaborate with multiple web3 projects.


Experiment with art on the blockchain

Glitch Candies are created with experimentation in mind. Gasless and inexpensive transactions on Stargaze and Teritori chain allow flexibility. The aim of the project is to:

  • Create new and exciting high quality artworks.
  • Reward owners, collectors and participants via airdrops, artworks, events and entertainment.
  • Onboard exciting artists to Cosmos ecosystem through collaboration on new works, events in metaverse and IRL.
  • Support Cosmos ecosystem via staking and providing LP on Osmosis.
  • Explore what NFTs have to offer in interoperable internet of blockchains and in the birth of the metaverse.

Evolving Audiovisual Sculptures

Alpha Tests and creation process of Glitch Candies.

Creation process

Here is video showcasing sculpting and variety of shapes that can be made in the process.

Alpha Test

First few rendered Candies. Audiovisual by design.

Sound Design

Here is how sound design process looks and sounds like.

Tokenomics / Specification

Glitch Candies Gen2

Generation 2 of Evolving Audiovisual Sculptures

Complex Glitch Candies, based on generative 3D models, feedback patches and advanced shaders. Ultra limited series with additional perks and also License: CC0.

Glitch Candies Genesis

Collection of print ready images

Raw images coming straight from the graphic card are in print-ready 4k resolution. Holders of Genesis Collection will be considered OG supporters of the project. 

Glitch Candies AV

Audiovisual Evolving Sculptures

Audiovisual collection of evolving sculptures rendered real-time. Embracing the intricacies of code, glitch and error it is seeking beauty in human interaction with technology. LIC: CC0.

Collection of 200 1 of 1s

Limited edition wearable and 3D modelled Glitch Candy airdrops as well as entrance to limited access areas in metaverse experiences.

Collection of 400 1 of 1s

Genesis holders received Audiovisual Glitch Candy as an airdrop once collection is launched, as well as voting rights to influence the future of the project. Hodlers receive all perks from GC AV collection.

Collection of 400 1 of 1s

AV Candies were distributed randomly. Collect sets of all audio traits or Genesis Candy / AV Candy sets for future airdrops. Hodl for future rewards and metaverse experiences.

Koshi Mazaki


Sound and New Media artist who is working on audiovisual art since 2007. He showcased his works on festivals in the UK, Japan, USA and Europe. Working with Last Slice Collective designs sound for events in Decentraland creating unique experiences for companies like Samsung, Playboy and key NFT projects. Koshi is working as an advisor for number of NFT projects. IRL collaborates with synth manufacturers, research institutions and commercial projects. He is testing equipment before it hits the shelves, designing presets and creating sound for variety of media. As an entrepreneur he have received international funding and awards for his start-up projects and ideas across art/science and technology.

Artistic director, creative coder, artist


Consultant and Project Advisor

Consultant, project advisor and GLSL shader designer. Visuals in the project are inspired by his work.

New media artist / educator and coder.



With 15 years of experience in programming applications in a variety of programming languages. IRL CTO focused on scaling and growth of start-ups and organisations.

Strategy, community, CTO.