Spectral Shift

Character Morph‘ is the first, the ‘Genesis,’ piece from my ‘Spectral Shift‘ collection. It is special because it combines digital mistakes, or glitches, with computer code, and the unique habits of AI. These all move together to make a unique and beautiful language of art.

What’s really exciting is that this artwork and the entire collection are always changing and growing. You just never know what new piece might show up next! It’s a bit like a magical, never-ending story, filled with memories, who we are, and imaginary worlds. Each piece of art is made with special and custom made tools, like a physical machine called a modular synth, digital Glitch Candy Factory Max patch and custom-made AI models. This shows us that art has no limits and can always surprise us. In a great story, the characters, the world they live in, the sounds, and the movement all come together. That’s what happens here too. They come together to create a beautiful, bright picture that’s a bit messy, kind of like life, telling a unique story. So, it’s always a fun surprise to come back and see what’s new!

Genesis piece a dynamic NFT with pseudo-random art changes Character Morph is exhibited at NFest Baracelona in Lezar Haus galley 6th July – 6th August 2023.

Mint limited edition 1/30 for 0.01 Eth

Glitch Goddess Sweep is the second piece from the collection and I am stoked to say that it was picked up as finalist in top 5 from 121 submited works in Deforum community competition. Subsequently it was exhibited in LA in Bright Moments gallery during Dreamforum event 21-23rd July 2023.

Piece is special to me as it really captures my interest in generative art, character design and virtual world. I created special patch on modular synth for it, which is driving the piece. You can find it here:

Mint Limited Edition 1/15 for 0.01 Eth

Feel free to contact me if you like to collect any of the works. I open limited editions and 1/1s for special occasions and keep the supply pretty low for now.

Artist notes

In contemporary art context collection is inspired by childhood nostalgia, identity, and surreal imagination, my aim with the ‘Spectral Shift‘ collection is to craft a transformative digital art experience. This collection embodies a deep-seated exploration of character design intertwined with the creation of imaginary worlds, all amalgamated through a blend of techniques across various media.

Spectral Shift‘ exists at the intersection of digital technology, imaginary worlds, character design, the beauty of human error, and real-time manipulation. It is aiming to push the boundaries of traditional media into new aesthetics. Dynamic visual elements invite viewers into a universe pulsating with life and colour, crafted using custom GLSL shaders with interface via Max patch and a range of AI tools. Dynamic NFTs allow for ever changing storyline, artwork inviting audience for a unique journey.

Modular synth setup that is driving AV works.

Artistic Vision

Within the vibrant universe of the ‘Spectral Shift‘ collection, my artistic vision unfolds as a journey into the digital realm. This collection embarks on an exploration of the intersection between human error, generative code, and the inherent imperfections of AI, creating a distinctive aesthetic that challenges the conventional contrast between the human and the digital, between the imperfect and programmed. This artistic endeavour offers a dialogue about the creative process and the resulting artwork. ‘Spectral Shift‘ celebrates the artistic potential born from the unpredictable charm of glitches and AI’s idiosyncrasies. This journey invites us to reevaluate our perception of creativity in the digital era. Bypassing the norms of digital perfection, the collection embraces the unexpected as catalysts for artistic innovation, pushing the boundaries of digital art and inviting viewers to join this transformative exploration.

Artist: Koshi Mazaki